The Cozy Convo Nook

Welcome to your soft place to fall; a different kind of social experience. In a time when we are needing to stay in control of what we see and how we interact online, The Cozy Convo Nook offers a little something for everyone... with a twist. You don't get to argue, bully, fight, call names or behave any less than a decent human being.  At The Nook, we do not want to promote censorship. Instead, we believe that there is a place for all of our voices.  This social space is organized, and allows you to choose where you want to go. You will never have anything thrown in your face that you are not prepared for.  Your mental health and your thriving come first.  Join us and enjoy not only our discussion forums, but a plethora of other goodies a membership in The Thriving Nook will afford you.