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Welcome to
The Thriving Nook!

You are here because you are tired of a few things prevalent on current social media such as forced content and ads, the use of your private information, infinite scrolling, the pressure of the like button and comments and unnecessary censorship. 

None of these stressors are good for our physiological system.  We need to be able to express ourselves maturely. We need to have social media freedom.

Everyone needs to slow down. 

We are an exclusive community embracing inclusivity with others who are focused on thriving together. Enter this space with an open heart for learning and listening, along with authentic sharing. 

Your Perks!

  • Full Forum Access
  • Personal Profile with ability to message with other members 
  • The ability to un-list your profile from the directory and still participate in the forums
  • Members are encouraged to submit articles on topics which interest you. These articles will always be available for public consumption and will not be pay per view articles.

At The Nook we nurture real relationships. The main social networks try to be everything to everyone. But the focus on maximum publicity and high follower counts often comes at the cost of real relationships. After all, trying to hold up a discussion when there’s a thousand other people vying for attention is hardly much fun!

More than ever, so many of us  crave exclusivity away from the overcrowded social networks and unwanted topics popping up in the feed. At The Nook there is no follower count to vie over. There's no rush to answer messages or forums.

At the Nook you are in control of your experience. 


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Until then, enjoy the conversation!

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