Entering this space means you want to communicate with other people online in a way which is safe, peaceful and geared toward supporting your healing and thriving journey. 

Most of our members are trauma survivors, exhausted from the anxiousness they've expressed about signing into social media platforms where they never know what will pop into their feed.

At The Thriving Nook, there is no forced feed. Because we are forum based, you are in control over what you choose to see and share. 

Once you join The Thriving Nook, you can decide whether you want your profile to show up in the directory or not. This allows you to choose not to receive messages from other members. This gives you privacy. You can turn this feature on or off at will. This is an important part of social media safety and having the controls in YOUR hands, not someone else's. 

Forums have a long history in the development of online social media platforms. Forums provide a longer space for you to share your thoughts and experiences. There's no "like" button that pings at that little validation monster. 

Original forums were built at sites such as Geocities, MySpace and LiveJournal, a forum turned blogging site. These were the places we online social media users frequented before the current social media applications. 

Our low membership fee helps keep this thriving ship crossing the vast ocean of survivors making their way, healing and bonding together. 

Who Are We?

We are an exclusive community embracing inclusivity with others who are focused on healing and thriving. Enter this space with an open heart for learning and listening, along with authentic sharing. 

Enter The Nook and prepare to slow down your social experience. Return to the days of the coffee shops where laid back conversation was a craving. Scaling back our social media experience to a focused forum is akin to leaving the city for a calm day at the beach. 

We challenge you to delete your social media apps and give The Thriving Nook a try. This experience is about reclaiming your time. 

Just say no to infinite scrolling!  

Your Perks!

  • No forced content to negatively interfere with your day
  • Full Forum Access
  • Personal Profile: upload videos, photos and files and message with other members 
  • Full access to articles, upcoming online events and new, upcoming content
  • Impromptu live sessions through Zoom

Privacy is a top priority at TTN. We have a no tolerance policy to bullying, cliques, shunning or any other adverse behavior. Mutual respect and emotional maturity is expected, as we are here on a healing journey. 

At The Nook we nurture real relationships. The main social networks try to be everything to everyone. But the focus on maximum publicity and high follower counts often comes at the cost of real relationships. After all, trying to hold up a discussion when there’s a thousand other people vying for attention is hardly much fun!

More than ever, so many of us trauma survivors crave exclusivity away from the overcrowded social networks and unexpected triggers. There's no follower count to vie over. There's no rush to answer. The Nook reminds us to take it slow and relax. We are here for authentic conversation. 


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